Difference Between Vapour Compression and Vapour Absorption System

Comparison between VCR and VAR

Difference between Vapor Compression and Vapor Absorption System with Comparison Chart


The major Difference between Vapor Compression and Absorption System is that Vapor Absorption System takes in low-grade energy as waste heat from the furnace, exhaust steam, or solar heat for its operations. Vapor compression system takes in high grades as electrical or mechanical energy for its operation of compressor used in the cycle.

Difference between Vapor Compression and Vapor Absorption System

Comparison Chart

Particulars Vapour compression Vapour Absorption
Working method Refrigerant vapor
is compressed
Refrigerant is absorbed and heated
Type of the energy Supplied Mechanical work supply to the compressor Heat energy supply to the generator
Input work required More compression work is required. Less mechanical energy is required to run pump.
COP High (Approx. 3) Low (Approx. 0.6)
Capacity Limited up to 1000 tons for single compressor It may be above 1000 tons
Noise More Quiet operation
Leakage More leakage due to
high pressure
Almost there is no
Operating cost High because of
compressor consumes
more work
Less because of less heat energy is required
Suitable refrigerant R-12 Ammonia

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