Difference Between AngularJS and ReactJS

Difference Between AngularJS and ReactJS

AngularJS and ReactJS: Understanding the Key Differences

  • The key Difference between AngularJS vs ReactJS is that AngularJS is an open-source platform developed by Google, whereas ReactJS is an open-source library developed by Facebook.
  • AngularJS is a TypeScript-based web application framework, whereas ReactJS is a JavaScript-based library.
  • AngularJS follows a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, whereas ReactJS follows a component-based architecture.
  • ReactJS is smaller in size compared to AngularJS.
AngularJS vs ReactJS
AngularJS vs ReactJS

Comparison Chart

  • AngularJS vs ReactJS both have different features and functionalities, here is a comparison of some key features between them.
Feature AngularJS ReactJS
Developed By Google Facebook
Release Year 2009 2013
Written In TypeScript JavaScript
Architecture Model-View-Controller (MVC) Component-based
Data Binding Two-way One-way
Performance Slower in large and complex applications Fast and scalable
Size Larger Smaller
Community Large and active Large and active
DOM Direct manipulation Virtual DOM

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