Difference Between in Arduino And Raspberry Pi

The key Difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi is that Arduino is optimized for low-power, real-time control applications, while Raspberry Pi is better suited for more complex projects that require a full-fledged computer with more processing power and connectivity options.

Arduino And Raspberry Pi Comparison
Arduino And Raspberry Pi Comparison

Comparison Chart

  • Arduino And Raspberry Pi both have different features and functionalities, here is a comparison of some key features between them.
Arduino Raspberry Pi
Microcontroller board Full-fledged computer
Limited processing power More processing power
No built-in OS, uses IDE Runs on a Linux-based OS
Limited connectivity options Wide range of connectivity options
Simplified C++ language Multiple programming languages
Real-time control applications Complex projects, data processing
Generally lower cost Generally higher cost
CPU architecture: 8 bit CPU architecture: 64 bit.
Arduino uses very less RAM, 2 kB. Raspberry Pi requires more RAM, 1 GB.


For Use Arduino requires one Computer for Development using USB Cable And Arduino Software For Development.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Also Required Computer for install os in Micro Sd Card. After that 2 methods of use.

  1. Simply Connect Display / Keyboard / Mouse.
  2. Connect in Network using Lan Cable and Access in Computer.

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