Difference between include() and forward()

Difference Between include() and forward() methods of RequestDispatcher

Include() and Forward() Difference

The Key Difference between include() and forward() is that Include() will include another file in the current file whereas Forward() will forward the current request to the forwarding page.

include() and forward()
include() and forward()

Include vs Forward Comparison Chart

Include() Forward()
It contains data of JSP, other servlets, or HTML files for a response. It is useful to forward the request to another resource.
By this method, another file will be included In the current file. The client request will get forwarded to the forwarding page.
For processing input value, and deciding the outcome by returning a particular response page the include method is used. For the common boilerplate text of template markup, the Forward is used.
Once the control is returned to the client, any activity such as calling another servlet or another RequestDispatcher object can be performed. Once the control is returned to the client the output can not be modified.
This method is normally used to include other web resource such as banner contents, copyright information, and so on. This method is normally used when further processing is given to another web resource.
This is slower to execute. This is faster to execute.

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