Difference between forward() and sendRedirect() Method

Difference Between Forward And sendRedirect In Servlet

forward() and sendRedirect() Difference

The Key Difference between forward() and sendRedirect() is that forward() method works at server-side. whereas sendRedirect() method works at client side.

  • forward(): This method is declared in RequestDispatcher Interface.
  • sendRedirect(): This method is declared in HttpServletResponse Interface.
forward() and sendRedirect()
forward() and sendRedirect()

forward() and sendRedirect() Comparison Chart

forward() sendRedirect()
forward() is method of RequestDispatcher interface sendRedirect() is the method of HttpServletResponse In forward().
In forward() redirect happens at server end and not visible to client. In sendRedirect() ,redirection happens at client end and it’s visible to client.
It is faster than the redirect. It is slower than a forward, since it requires two browser requests(one for actual request and another for redirected request ).
In case of forwarding() original URL remains unaffected. In the case of sendRedirect() browser knows that it’s making a new request, so the original URL changes.
Transfer the request to the same server. Transfer the request different server.
When forward is called on RequestDispather object we pass request and response object so our old request object is present on a new resource which is going to process our request In the case of SendRedirect call old request and response, the object is lost because it’s treated as a new request by the browser
Syntax: forward(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response) Syntax: void sendRedirect(String url)

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