Difference Between Program and Process

Difference Between Program and Process in tabular form

Comparison Between Program and Process

The  Major Difference Between Program and Process is that A program is a set of instructions. and A process is a program in execution.

Program and Process

Comparison Chart

A program is a set of instructions. A process is a program in execution.
A program is a passive/ static entity. A process is an active/ dynamic entity.
A program has a longer life span. It is stored on disk forever. A process has a limited life span. It is created when execution starts and
terminated as execution is finished.
A program is stored on a disk in some file. It does not contain any other resource. A process contains various resources
like memory address, disk, printer, etc… as per requirements.
A program requires memory space on a disk to store all instructions. A process contains a memory address which is called address space.
Longer Lifespan Limited Lifespan


  • The process is a program under execution.
  • It is an instance of an executing program, including the current values of the program counter, registers & variables.
  • The process is an abstraction of a running program.

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