Difference Between JavaScript And JQuery

Difference Between JavaScript And JQuery

JavaScript vs jQuery: Understanding the Key Differences

The key Difference Between JavaScript And JQuery is that JavaScript is a programming language and jQuery is a library built on top of JavaScript.

JavaScript And JQuery Comparison
JavaScript And JQuery Comparison

Comparison Chart

  • JavaScript And JQuery both have different features and functionalities, here is a comparison of some key features between them.
JavaScript jQuery
JavaScript is a programming language jQuery is a JavaScript library
JavaScript can be used to create complex applications jQuery simplifies the process of working with JavaScript
JavaScript requires more code jQuery requires less code
JavaScript can be used with other programming languages jQuery is only used with JavaScript
JavaScript has a wider range of use cases (e.g. server-side programming) jQuery is mainly used for client-side scripting

JavaScript Features

  • JavaScript is an object-based scripting language.
  • Giving the user more control over the browser.
  • It Handles dates and times.
  • It Detecting the user’s browser and OS,
  • It is light weighted.
  • JavaScript is a scripting language and it is not java.
  • JavaScript is an interpreter-based scripting language.
  • JavaScript is case-sensitive.

JQuery Features

  • DOM element selections using the multi-browser open-source selector engine Sizzle, a spin-off of the jQuery project
  • DOM manipulation based on CSS selectors that uses elements names and attributes, such as id and class, as criteria to select nodes in the DOM
  • Events
  • Effects and animations
  • Ajax
  • Deferred and Promise objects to control asynchronous processing
  • JSON parsing
  • Cross-browser support

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