Difference Between PHP And JavaScript

Difference Between PHP And JavaScript

Comparison Between PHP And JavaScript in Tabular Form

PHP and JavaScript are both programming languages, but they are used for different purposes. The Key Difference Between PHP And JavaScript is that PHP is a server-side scripting language whereas JavaScript is a client-side JavaScript scripting language.

PHP And JavaScript Comparison
PHP And JavaScript Comparison

Comparison Chart

  • PHP And JavaScript both have different features and functionalities, here is a comparison of some key features between them.
JavaScript PHP
JavaScript can be used for both the front end and the back end PHP is used mostly for Back-end
Client-side Server-side
Execution environment: Browser Execution environment: Server
HTML, AJAX, and XML can all be mixed with JavaScript. HTML is the only supported combination with PHP.
JavaScript code is less secure. PHP code is more secure.
File extension: .php File extension: .js
It is faster. It is slower.
Real-time games and applications, mobile applications, and other types of software can all be developed with JavaScript. Dynamic sites and do various other tasks, and a PHP application is required.

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